Getting To Know Us KSIT-KPSKTM

Who we are

IT Support Group of the Sabah State Computer Services Department located at the Ministry of Resource Development and Information Technology (Sabah). Primarily serving the ministry and the Department of Human Resource Development (JPSM).


To render excellent ICT services to the Sabah State Government bringing it closer to the society.


ksit [dot] kpsktm [at] sabah [dot] gov [dot] my
088 288 333 / 334 / 335
Fax : 088 269 071

Our Client Charter

  • To solve ICT technical problems received within seven (7) working days, provided the hardware and necessary equipments is available and usable.
  • To provide solutions to technical problems relating to the network services within thirty (30) working days after receiving customer's application, provided all necessary information has been supplied by the customer.
  • To appoint technical staff to handle customer complaints or request within twenty-four (24) working hours upon acceptance of complaints/requests.

How can we assist our clients

  • We strive to provide solution to your ICT technical problems and problems relating to the network services.
  • We assist you to implement related ICT programs to enhance ICT awareness and to cultivate ICT usage among the community

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What We Do

If you need us :

  1. Download this Technical Support Form
  2. Fill up the form especially you particulars and your complaints
  3. Fax to 248916 or email to ksit [dot] kpsktm [at] sabah [dot] gov [dot] my or send it by hand
  4. Please do remember to put down your assessment of our service and your signature :-)
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